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Jenny Lewis: The Voyager

Beck: Song Reader

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Begin Again soundtrack

Gavin Degraw: Make a Move

Shabazz Palaces: Lese Majesty

The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Strung Out in Heaven

Imogene Heap: Sparks

Under the Skin soundtrack

The Acid: Liminal

Find Jason Isbell’s 2013 release, Southeastern, at SJCPLS.

Review by Steve Leggett, allmusic.com:

Jason Isbell was one of three first-class songwriters in the Drive-By Truckers, along with Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley, and each of them had (and has) his own spin on the kind of raucous Southern soul-country that band specialized in. When Isbell left in 2007 to pursue a solo career, there was every reason to believe he would continue in the same vein. Instead, Isbell produced work that still had some Alabama country twang, but was really closer to the folky singer/songwriter side of the spectrum, full of graceful melodies with thoughtful and literate lyrics. On this outing, Isbell strips things back even more, going with, for the most part, sparse, moody arrangements and songs that muse on the responsibilities of his newfound sobriety, an atonement of sorts, and they tell of lost weekends, drinking mouthwash when the alcohol ran out, and other sordid personal tragedies, all with an eye to how it seems to work out when problems are embraced, addressed, and finally owned. As such, this is an ultimately positive set that doesn’t pull punches. Highlights include the beautiful opening love song “Cover Me Up,” the elegant and sort of baroque country-rocker “Stockholm,” the blast-along “Super 8” (which wouldn’t sound out of place on any of the Truckers albums), and the love ballad “Relatively Easy,” which closes things out here. The overall tone of this fine set is one of quiet and thoughtful honesty with one’s life and past and the knowledge that personal redemption has to be earned again and again each and every day. It is, quite frankly, Isbell's best solo album thus far.

A musical tribute to Robin Williams.


Leonard Cohen To Release Popular Problems

The ever-restless Leonard Cohen is releasing a new album this September, according to news announced at last week’s Leonard Cohen Event 2014 in Dublin. The album, titled Popular Problems, will supposedly be released on September 22 (according to a release date on Amazon France), one day after the legendary songwriter turns 80.

Cohen’s team hasn’t officially announced the album, but Jarkko Arjatsalo, who heads up Cohen’s official web site, told Rolling Stone that he received word of Popular Problems “directly from Leonard.” Arjatsalo shared news of the release via the Dublin event’s program, stating, “He asked me to let you know that Popular Problems will be out at the end of September, shortly after his 80th birthday.”

Popular Problems is the follow-up to 2012′s critically acclaimed Old Ideas, which earned Cohen the number one spot on the Billboard album chart in eleven countries, peaking at number three in the U.S.

The Gospel Tour is headed to St. Augustine on August 16. Get your Panic at the Disco fix at SJCPLS now.

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released Hypnotic Eye just days before their tour kicks off. We’ve got their 13th studio album at SJCPLS.